Newborn Care

If you choose our office to be your baby medical home, inform your obstetrician and the hospital that you would like our physician to be your baby's pediatrician. Unless you have been advised otherwise, we usually like to see your baby for the first office visit when she/he is about 3-5 days old. Contact our office as soon as possible to schedule this first appointment. At the first visit your baby will be thoroughly examined by our pediatrician and any questions you have will be addressed. We provide appropriate guidance to our new mothers regarding development, feeding, sleep, safety and address many other questions.

It is important to contact your health insurance carrier as soon as possible after baby's birth, and to advise them that you've chosen our doctor as baby's primary care provider (PCP), if one is required.

Well Infant/Child/Adolescent Visit

Our practice strongly believes that continuous relationship between the pediatrician and your child is important to the overall quality of care. We learn more about your child with each and every wellness visit. At these visits, we will monitor your child's growth and development as well as provide anticipatory guidance of what to expect until your child's next well child check. It is also a time to discuss other topics and to share questions or concerns that matter most to you about your child.


As a part of well child visit or separate visit. We follow the immunization schedule recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Detailed information about each immunization is available on the CDC's Vaccination Information Sheets in our office and online at

Laboratory Tests

There are a number of laboratory tests ordered in conjunction with well child care, such as hemoglobin, hematocrit, and lead screening. In addition, audiometry and vision screening are ordered at appropriate well visits or when clinically indicated. Most childhood illnesses can be diagnosed by a complete history and thorough physical examination, but occasionally laboratory tests are necessary. The laboratory testing for the well or sick patient may be performed in our office or ordered at a conveniently located laboratory.

Adolescent Appointments

Adolescence is a time of transition from childhood to young adult. Because many changes occur during this time we believe it is important to continue regular annual wellness visits. We enjoy guiding adolescents through the physical and emotional changes that make the transition to young adulthood such an exciting, rewarding, but often turbulent time. During your office visits we will address all issues concerning these changes, as well as overall health. We will also serve as a resource to parents as they guide their teens into adulthood.

Sick Visit

We offer same day appointments and will schedule you at our earliest availability.

Although children often catch small colds and viruses that are manageable from the comfort of home, some types of sickness require pediatric attention. Our office values our patients' health, which is why we offer same-day sick visit appointments. Bringing your child to his or her pediatrician, rather than a hospital or urgent care facility, ensures he or she feels comfortable in the office setting, and also ensures the individualized attention that we provide at our facility.

Chronic illness We help parents and children deal with chronic conditions and we provide them with an individual treatment plan.

Referrals to specialists We help you to schedule an appointment with other specialists

School, Sports, Camp Physicals

We will gladly complete these forms for you. However, in order to do this your child must have had a well exam within the last 6 months.

Suture/Staple Removal

We remove sutures and staples. However, if you had received sutures or staples by a plastic surgeon, you must return to them for removal.

Wart Cryotherapy

We offer cryotherapy for wart removal which involves freezing the wart with a very cold substance.

Ear Wax Removal

The impacted wax could be the cause of ear pain and loss of hearing.

Irrigating the ear canal will remove excess wax, and cleans the ear canal.