Our Policies

No Show Policy

If a new patient does not show for his appointment without prior cancellation, he/she would not be seen again.

If an established patient does not show for his appointment without 24 business hours notice, for at least 2 times in last 6 months, he /she would not be seen again in clinic.

Clinic gives a courtesy phone call reminder, a day before appointment, but it is not mandated to give calls to all patients with following day appointments. It is the responsibility of patient's family to make sure correct phone numbers are listed for general contact and for emergency contact.

Late Show

More than 15min late to the appointment would delay the flow of patients in clinic, please be considerate to come on time.

Medication Refill Policy

All medications requests should be made at least 48-72 business hours before medication are required. Emergency refill of medication is not always encouraged due to volume of patients in clinic and volume of non-patient care needed in general.

ADHD/ADD Medication Refill

All ADHD and ADD controlled medications are refilled with appointment only but not by phone or by fax. All patients are expected to make a monthly appointment to get medications refilled. Any missed appointments without prior notice would be considered to be non-compliance and more than one missed appointment for controlled medication refill appointment is not encouraged and patient would be discharged from clinic for ADHD/ADD controlled medications.

Physical Or Immunization Appointment

Parent or legal guardian is mandatory for all physical( especially new patient physical) and immunization appointments.

Legal Documents

All foster parents , adopted parents and legal guardians are mandated to bring legal documents for proof of foster care, adoption and legal guardianship respectively to see the patient. In the absence of those documents, patient's appointment would be cancelled and rescheduled until they are provided.

Proxy Parents

Grand parents, aunts, uncles and other relatives that bring patients to clinic in the absence of parents, should bring a written letter of permission to do so from a parent.

Financial Charge For Documentation

Except for reprint of vaccination card, any filling of forms or printing of medical records would be charged based on work involved and paper printed. Charges would be anywhere from $15 per form to $30 per 6 months records. Prices are at the discretion of clinic, may increase without notice.

All documents to be filled, should be given 48-72 business hours to complete by office.


Co-pay is due at the time of visit. Co-insurance and deductibles would be mailed as billing statement and expected to be paid within 30 days of statement.